Like many other fabrics, lyocell is made from a cellulose fiber. It is produced by dissolving wood pulp with an NMMO (N-Methylmorpholine N-oxide) solvent, which is far less toxic than traditional sodium hydroxide solvents.  This dissolves the pulp into a clear liquid which, when forced through t...
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  • The Pros and Cons of Knitting with Cotton

    The Pros and Cons of Knitting with Cotton

    Cotton yarn is a natural plant-based thread and one of the oldest textiles known to man. It is a prevalent choice in the knitting industry. This is due to the yarn being softer and more breathable than wool. There are plenty of pros related to knitting with cotton. But t...
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    Let’s start by defining the type of fabric it is.  By which we mean, is lyocell natural or synthetic? It is composed of wood cellulose and is processed with synthetic substances, much like viscose or typical rayon. That said, lyocell is considered a semi-synthetic fabric, or as it is officially c...
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  • Features, Types, Parts and Working Principle of Jet Dyeing Machine

    Jet Dyeing Machine: Jet dyeing machine is the most modern machine used for the dyeing of polyester fabric with disperse dyes .In these machines, both the fabric and the dye liquor are in motion, thereby facilitating a faster and more uniform dyeing. In jet dyeing machine, there is no fabric drive...
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  • Introduction to LYOCELL’s most promising application areas

    Introduction to LYOCELL’s most promising application areas

    1. Application field of baby clothes Baby clothing is an important application field of Lyocell fiber. From the point of consumer choice, product performance, self-value realiza...
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  • The fifth meeting of the Working Group on Uzbekistan’s ACCESSION to WTO was held in Geneva

    On June 22, Uzbekistan KUN net news quoted Uzbekistan investment and foreign trade, 21, Uzbekistan ‘s entry the fifth meeting in Geneva, Uzbekistan, deputy prime minister and trade minister, Uzbekistan ‘s accession interagency committee chairman Uzbekistan Moore plunge into a delegati...
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  • India and the European Union have resumed talks on a free trade agreement after a nine-year hiatus

    India and the European Union have resumed negotiations on a free trade agreement after nine years of stagnation, the Indian Ministry of Industry and Commerce said On Thursday. Indian Commerce and Industry Minister Piyoush Goyal and European Commission Executive Vice-president Valdis Dombrovsky an...
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  • Global clothing brands think Bangladesh’s ready-to-wear exports could reach $100bn within 10 years

    Bangladesh has the potential to reach $100 billion in annual readymade garments exports in the next 10 years, Ziaur Rahman, H&M Group’s regional director for Bangladesh, Pakistan and Ethiopia, said at the two-day Sustainable Apparel Forum 2022 in Dhaka on Tuesday. Bangladesh is one of t...
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  • Nepal and Bhutan hold online trade talks

    Nepal and Bhutan held the fourth round of online trade talks on Monday to speed up bilateral trade cooperation between the two countries. According to Nepal’s Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supply, the two countries agreed at the meeting to revise the list of preferential treatment comm...
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  • Uzbekistan will set up a cotton commission directly under the President

    Uzbek President Vladimir Mirziyoyev presided over a meeting to discuss increasing cotton production and expanding textile exports, according to the Uzbek Presidential network on June 28. The meeting pointed out that the textile industry is of great significance to ensuring Uzbekistan’s expo...
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  • Prices of cotton and yarn fell, and Bangladesh’s ready-to-wear exports are expected to increase

    Bangladesh’s garment export competitiveness is expected to improve and export orders are expected to increase as cotton prices drop in the international market and yarn prices drop in the local market, Bangladesh’s Daily Star reported on July 3. On June 28, cotton traded between 92 ce...
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  • Bangladesh’s Chittagong port handles record number of containers – Trade news

    The Bangladeshi Chittagong Port handled 3.255 million containers in the 2021-2022 financial year, a record high and an increase of 5.1% from the previous year, the Daily Sun reported on July 3. In terms of total cargo handling volume, fy2021-2022 was 118.2 million tons, an increase of 3.9% from t...
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